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Rapture of the Church: Bound for Heaven, But…
Michael E. Pfeil WestBow
Five Stars (out of Five)

Pfeil should be commended for boldly tackling a topic that has been so divisive for decades.

In Rapture of the Church, Michael E. Pfeil adeptly presents his views supporting the Pre- Wrath rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ by thoroughly examining the biblical writings concerning the prophecy of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks. The rapture is one of the most debated subjects in Christianity, and Pfeil approaches the topic in a scholarly yet compassionate manner.

Pfeil clearly states that he believes in the Pre-Wrath rapture as opposed to the other dominant teaching, the Pretribulation (pretrib) rapture. While both groups agree that the rapture will occur, the key point of disagreement is when it will happen. Pfeil was actually preparing a course on the pretrib teaching when his research convinced him that it was not biblically possible. As a result, he is throughly familiar with both sides of the issue, and although he clearly explains the points of difference, he does so with a logical and biblical approach without attacking the pretrib believers.

Pfeil maintains this delicate balance while making a strong defense of his viewpoint. Pfeil wisely begins with a chapter devoted to biblical terms. The  books of Daniel and Revelation contain unique imagery and terminology, so he ensures everyone is using common definitions. Without this  groundwork, Pfeil’s points could have led to further confusion, so he adeptly sets the boundaries from the start.

Even pretrib believers will be impressed with Pfeil’s research and systematic presentation of the Pre-Wrath viewpoint. He uses an abundance of scripture to support his claims, but he breaks the information into digestible chunks that are easily understandable and not soaked in theological jargon. His succinct concluding section of each chapter recounts the main points for quick reference.

Pfeil provides an extensive appendix addressing the “darkening of the sun and moon,” a subject that appears in several books of the Bible and is a  pivotal point in the pretrib and Pre- Wrath debate. Loaded with specific, in-depth explanations of multiple scripture passages, the appendix summarizes Pfeil’s argument effectively and thoroughly.

Even in his most passionate passages, Pfeil does not try to put down the pretrib Christians.

“Although I disagree with the end-time conclusions of those who adhere to the pretrib rapture position, if they are saved by the blood of Christ, they are my Christian brothers and sisters. Please do not let the body of believers in Christ be divided over an issue that should not have anything to do with our walk before the throne of God and our service in His name while still here on earth.”

Rapture of the Church is an excellent resource for anyone interested in an insightful exploration of the pretrib and Pre-Wrath issue.

Jeff Friend

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