NEWS FLASH!!! Seven Year Peace Treaty Signed!


Would this headline mean we have missed the Rapture?

Absolutely Not!

In light of the rampant evil permeating so much of our world, few would deny that Daniel’s seventieth week appears to be rapidly approaching. Even so, we are secure in God s promise that we will be taken to heaven prior to the beginning of His end-time judgments.

BUT . . .

Do the Lord‘s judgments begin with the peace treaty?

Surprisingly, NO!

The Bible does not tell us when we will be raptured, but it does tell us what must happen prior to that glorious event. There are no hidden secrets to understanding end-times prophecy:

“The sun will be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood, before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes(Joel 2:31)

It is astounding how clear the Scriptures are!

If you have been taught the Pretrib Rapture position, a second look is in order. Walk with Mike through the Old and New Testament passages that shed light on the timing of the Rapture and its relationship to the seven-sealed scroll of Revelation.


Sharp Focus Ministries, LLC is not a ministry primarily designed to convert people to the Pre-Wrath rapture position. Instead, this ministry is dedicated to preparing Christians so that if we do see these end-time events happening, we will remain strong and faithful, knowing that God will not begin His judgments until after we are gathered at the rapture.