Many years ago I began an in-depth study of the Pre-Trib rapture in preparation for teaching biblical prophecy. The more I compared the Pre-Trib rapture to the Scriptures that were claimed to prove that position, the more I found irresolvable conflicts. A few years after beginning this pursuit, I discovered that my own conclusions were consistent with what is called the Pre-Wrath rapture. RAPTURE of the CHURCH: Bound for Heaven, BUT . . . is the consummation of that effort. Among the passages that turned me away from the Pre-Trib rapture position are the following:

  1. Since the Fifth Seal Martyrs were slain because of the Word of God and their faithful testimony, they could not have been killed by what the pretribulationist claims is “the fifth seal judgment of God.” God would not judge His children for being faithful![See Revelation 6:9–11]
  2. In compiling the events before and after the darkening of the sun and moon as prophesied in Isaiah 13, Joel 2–3, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Acts 2, and Revelation 6–7, it became clear that God’s day of the Lord judgments do not begin until after this darkening event.[See Matthew 24:29–31, Revelation 6:12–17, and Acts 2:20–21]
  3. Since we will be raptured after the sixth seal of Revelation is broken, and shortly before God begins His end-time judgments; the events displayed when the first five seals of the seven-sealed scroll are broken, must be the actions of Satan, the Antichrist, and their followers—independent of God.[See Matthew 24:3–26 and Revelation 6:1–11]
  4. Therefore, the rapture cannot happen before the signing of the seven-year peace treaty.[See Revelation 6:9–11]

Once I was totally convinced of the proper sequence of events, I became deeply concerned for Christians who will find themselves still on earth after Daniel’s seventieth week begins. For those who have been promised that we will be raptured before the beginning of Daniel’s seventieth week, the discouragement would monumentally affect their usefulness in the last days! Would they think they are being judged by God? Would they question their salvation? Would they question other Bible passages that they were taught?

It is essential that we examine the Scriptures and be prepared for what lies ahead. If God chooses to lead any of us into Daniel’s seventieth week, we should be rejoicing instead of fearing these events! This shocking statement comes from a heavenly perspective. We would have the wonderful privilege of being used by the Lord in His calling the last ones into salvation, as well as being used to encourage other Christians to be faithful! Sharp Focus Ministries, LLC is not a ministry primarily designed to convert people to the Pre-Wrath rapture position. Instead, this ministry is dedicated to preparing Christians so that if we do see these end-time events happening, we will remain strong and faithful, knowing that God will not begin His judgments until after we are gathered at the rapture.